Fan Poetry by Mike Stuyt

Yes, one of our amazing customers wrote this for us! We wanted to share it with you!

    • Cool morning
      And a cup of tea to start today
      Sun rises to wake the birds
      Squirrels follow the coolness as the morning awakens
      Flakey pastry
      Soft meat
      And the flavours from my past , Fill my thoughts
      Sitting here , on a day off I ponder what to do
      And a road trip
      A white truck and a red stripe
      Two lovely ladies smiling
      Trees protect them from the rising heat of the sun
      Sitting in the shade
      Men dressed well
      And ladies looking gorgeous as ever
      Food on the street
      Light breeze
      Coke and Bundaberg to keep the saliva at bay
      But only a meat pie will satisfy my hunger
      One pie
      Flavours ooze from light flakey pastry
      The feeling of tender juicy meat on my tongue makes my cheeks water
      with anticipation of what might come next
      The sights and sounds calm my soul while this pie calms my memories
      of childhood long past
      A second pie and I'm starting to enjoy this noisy chaotic place
      Horns and sirens Echo between buildings
      Bikes with loud tailpipes cruise by
      A slow walk around the block
      Perhaps I need a sweetie pie for the trip home
      Of course
      Tummy now full , I lie here with my feet up and thanking all of you for
      your pies.
      Road trips and pies

© Aussie Pie Guy